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DB Copy Eclipse Plugin

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by Oliver Gries

Version: $Revision: 1.11 $ [$Date: 2003/08/21 15:35:55 $]


Feel free to download the latest release of the DB Copy Eclipse plugin. Have a look at the documentation section or submit a bug/comment.

Hope this tool helps you as much as it does help me.

Project State

Current State Development


Current Release: DBCopy_0.1.3

Release Description Date Download
DBCopy_0.1.3 First implementation with following functionality

[Wizard] 1 wizard to visually select source and target database; visually select source tables you want to copy and start the copy process
[Editor] SQL editor where you can execute multiple sql statements in one step with selecting the target database within a dropdown list
[View] SQL result view
2003/08/16 Download


SQL Editor and Result View Copy Wizard
example1_small example2_small

Why another DB frontend?

I was tired of searching for an free, easy to use, command line tool for copying data accross various databases. I didn't wanted to provided everytime all the "necessary" information bevor i could start, like mapping, data conversion, running as batch, handling of not assignable data and so on, when I simply wanted to copy some tables with data from on to another database. So I wrote a small Java program to be able to do exactly just this.

The scope of this project now is, to provide an even more simple interface to this tool with using the plugin technology of the Eclipse Development Platform.