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by Oliver Gries

Version: $Revision: 1.7 $ [$Date: 2003/08/21 15:35:55 $]

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Release Description Date Download
DBCopy_0.1.3 Bug Fix Release

- removed code dep. to eclipse classes of the dbcopy base package
- fixed wrong column description and column type method used in the plugin wizard (can cause build of unpropper SQL create table statements)
- 1st unit test method for copy implemented; result matrix in CVS available (will be provided in the FAQ section of the webpage and documentation after finishing the complete tests)
16.08.2003 Download
DBCopy_0.1.2 New Functionality:

- copy PK
- copy FK constraints
- additional mapping step now availaible
- improved message output during copy process
10.08.2003 Download
DBCopy_0.1.1 Bug Fix version 05.07.2003 Download
DBCopy_0.1.0 First implementation with following functionality

[Wizard] 1 wizard to visually select source and target database; visually select source tables you want to copy and start the copy process
[Editor] SQL editor where you can execute multiple sql statements in one step with selecting the target database within a dropdown list
[View] SQL result view
22.06.2003 Download